January 9, 2016

The dance floor beckons to those who dare to jive.

I love Jazz Music, but I am pretty specific on the genre.  Mostly I connect with what I call New Orleans Dixieland, but I love any style if in the right frame of mind.

I enjoy a band called the Red Hot Ramble.  My foot starts tapping the moment the first note is played.

There is this one couple I enjoy watching.  Clearly they have been moving together for many years, like a well oiled clock over time.  They are not the youngest by age on the floor, but they are the lightest on their feet.

He whispers into her ear when they come together which makes her smile.  She grabs his hand to escort him off the dance floor.

My parents loved to danced and my Mother always said Dad had 2 left feet, but he was the only one she could follow.

I danced with Dad.  He was a funny guy.  He did not lead me as much as he choreographed the dance.